Cooking was always my favourite way of hanging out with my dearest granny (affectionately known as ‘Popo’), who taught me all about cooking. It was those daily cooking sessions with Popo that sparked countless meaningful conversations with her. We were 40 years apart and cooking was our bridge. We cooked, we talked and we laughed. She was my greatest inspiration.


Coming from a mixed heritage background (my family is Anglo-Indian, Irish, English, Filipino and Chinese – I know, what a mouthful!), my family constantly experimented with different recipes. While Popo taught me all about Chinese cooking, I inherited many wonderful Eurasian recipes from my Dad’s side of the family – one of which is my Signature reinvented dish, Devil’s Curry – a perennial favourite in the house. Rich, flavourful and full of punch, it is the one dish that best represents my colourful heritage.


More than just another cooking class, Cookd Club is intimate – we cook together, we share food, we exchange recipes and stories and most importantly, we build friendships over a common love for cooking.


Having travelled extensively for commercial shoots for luxury hotels and resort with my husband/photographer (www.eyesonasia.net), I find absolute joy in trying new dishes or learning new techniques from all over Asia and incorporating these amazing experiences into my own home cooking. Whether it’s the unforgettable Morning Glory Salad from Hoi An or my all-time favourite Maldivian Tuna Curry, I hope to share all these recipes with you through Cookd Club.


Apart from offering cooking classes, Cookd Club is also a collection and record of my kitchen experiments, recipes, food adventures. I also pick up amazing trinklets from overseas that are exclusively available for purchase on this site. These range from kitchenware to lifestyle accessories that I have acquired from my travels.


So. If you love cooking and experienting with new recipes collected from around the world, then come join us at Cookd Club – I promise you not just good food that you can recreate at home, but an amazing experience.


Cheers, Jamie Boyd